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Feedback is greatly appreciated, both positive and negative as long as it's contstructive.
Tell me what you think of the system, improvements, faulty entries, things like that.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not post troubleshooting or support questions. This is not a forum!

#1 - posted by (194.237.14*.*)1970-01-01 01:00:00
I found this site very usefull. i used it to buy a Samsung drive.

Yet it is hard to find through GOOGLE. Do not know if that is the same case for other engines.

Maybe you should do some advertising?

#2 - posted by (209.112.9*.*)1970-01-01 01:00:00
When did you write this app? What did you write it in? It looks great. I was going to write a very similar app. in PHP with some JS here and there. Now I don't have to. Thanks a lot. The only thing you might want to add is a place for the serial number and maybe manufacture dates for the drives. There seem to be some drives that used to ATA security enabled and now the manufactureres aren't enabling it on those drives anymore. Thanks for a great appliction.


#3 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)1970-01-01 01:00:00
the site was created in the beginning of december '03 using regular linux shell =)

i dont see the need to add the serial number to the database as it's different from every drive. only thing i can think of is that it's proportional.


#4 - posted by (68.149.25*.*)1970-01-01 01:00:00
cool site, but you should put a percentage next to those numbers too. Seeing the percent lockable would be helpful

#5 - posted by (80.212.23*.*)1970-01-01 01:00:00
Tai_Te, I dont exactly know what you mean, but there is already a header bar on the front page and additional statistics with percentages on the "Statistics" page.


#6 - posted by (200.38.6*.*)1970-01-01 01:00:00
it is truth that if you unblock a HDD with Config magic, in a console
that it does not have nothing of chip you can block in the PC with


#7 - posted by Quinn (68.117.13*.*)2004-05-12 04:58:24
I wan't to buy a new hard drive for my xbox,so I went to this website.I want a whole lot of space on my hard drive but I don't know how much the usual price for them are. It would be cool if they where listed here.

#8 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2004-05-26 16:41:05
to list the price isn't really that helpfull. the price for a harddrive fluxuate too much from country to country, and in addition will the prices be rendered invalid over time as the prices drop.
your best bet is to compare this list against your local computer's shop website.

#9 - posted by Quinn (24.196.10*.*)2004-06-09 22:32:17
A lot of the harddrive have GB space that gose up to 300, but I heard that the xbox will only support 120 GB.

#10 - posted by Scottism (24.167.1*.*)2004-06-12 08:30:53
just submitted info for a Western Digital Caviar WD2000JB Special Edition and put 8000 MB buffer not noticing the "MB". Please correct it to 8MB.

#11 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2004-06-13 03:52:17
Scottism: i'll fix it

#12 - posted by (35.8.19*.*)2004-06-25 16:52:00
I have a maxtor ATA 100 60GB HD. I'm looking to expand with a second drive. The best price I can find is a Seagate 200GB HD for $135.00.

Will these drives work together. I'm planning to keep the Maxtor as the boot drive in windows, and the second drive for Linux.


#13 - posted by (24.193.20*.*)2004-07-16 20:19:23

#14 - posted by Thampi Verghese (4.156.8*.*)2004-09-13 18:19:09
Found the site very useful

#15 - posted by Thampi Verghese (4.156.8*.*)2004-09-13 18:19:10
Found the site very useful

#16 - posted by (208.57.9*.*)2004-10-02 01:50:54
Very helpfull!!!!!!!
Just a sugestion for your site to help ppl like me (clueless) would be nice if you have tips saying what we should look for when buying a new HD for our Xboxes.
Everything else looks just great. Congrets

#17 - posted by (82.35.6*.*)2004-10-07 14:10:39
Site is great, and for anyone whos actually READ in the forums, it aint hard to understand nor use, took me all of 5 seconds to see what i had to do, for those of you who are complaining about this or that, go look in the forums cuz theres PLENTY of info there.

again, damn GREAT site.

#18 - posted by (69.14.17*.*)2004-10-19 06:47:16
Great site! Very helpful.
Only down side is the conflicting results, that add confusion and worry on which hdd to purchase, espically for the new comers.

#19 - posted by Mr sheen (81.5.17*.*)2004-10-30 14:11:18
A fantastic site, Only came across it by chance though

Thanks for your effort in doing it, it is appretiated.

#20 - posted by (62.47.18*.*)2004-11-12 01:52:10
Well - great list and verry helpfull to find the right drive!


#21 - posted by (24.174.5*.*)2004-11-15 20:51:34
Nice site. For some reason it thought my primary e-mail address wasn\'t real though. (It doesn't even think it is real on this part)

#22 - posted by (68.225.15*.*)2004-11-28 00:58:34
Liked your site but I would rather see the drives listed by size rather than the date submitted. This would make it much easier to find and compare a particular drive.

#23 - posted by (66.42.14*.*)2004-12-02 21:17:16
I appreciate the site. Thank you. I noticed someone mentioned to advertise, this would benefit many others and would increase your database drastically.

Thanks again!

#24 - posted by (220.244.22*.*)2004-12-10 05:17:38
Great Site,

I can see you guys have put in some seriuos work.. Ill be linking to it from my website for sure.. I was just looking into adding something similar.. But now i may not have to..


#25 - posted by (193.144.6*.*)2004-12-10 11:22:09
I can´t search hard disks bigger than a amount of Gb, for example >100 Gb, so please improve your search engine, it is good for all us!!

#26 - posted by (83.88.10*.*)2004-12-29 09:37:14
Excellent site ivc ! Helped me out a lot in selecting a new hdd, so I thought I'd give a little back to the scene. One thing though: the serial-listing - is that really necessary ? I mean, it actually confused me a little when I was typing in my model number (no - I'm not a n00b ;-)

#27 - posted by Ivo (68.185.17*.*)2005-01-01 08:18:47
Im going to buy a x-box modded with a board to copy games to the HD, is 8gb enough for how many games??

#28 - posted by tyga (195.188.15*.*)2005-01-02 20:08:10
i have just bought a Maxtor hard drive and my xbox won't allow me to access the hard drive. How do i get my hard drive to work with my xbox?...please help

#29 - posted by eegt97 (68.207.11*.*)2005-01-13 02:41:08
This site was very useful. Bought a Seagate HD based on what I read here and on current prices. Worked out greate

#30 - posted by (24.18.10*.*)2005-01-23 21:34:54
SAVED MY LIFE! I ran into 3 Western Dig 160gb hard drives that would not lock. I hadn\'t come across this before so I did a google search and found your site. Now I try to obtain detailed information about customer hard drives and xbox specs thanks in part to this site. I still cross my fingers when buying hard drives but at least my chances are better.

#31 - posted by (24.136.21*.*)2005-01-31 01:21:41
used this website to purchase all my drives the best there is for your xbox

#32 - posted by (203.54.7*.*)2005-01-31 23:07:36
hey i have made a program from this site and it contains almost all the xbox locking yes and nos,

Im awaiting your permission owner to be able to distribute this program to everyone

Please email me back.

#33 - posted by (208.135.16*.*)2005-02-01 13:25:38
Great site. Takes some guess work out of the works. I really appreciate it.

#34 - posted by moeee (68.78.4*.*)2005-02-24 05:57:55
this is a great site for people who want to know which hard drives brands to purchase and whether it supports the locking feature. keep up the good work!

#35 - posted by (64.154.2*.*)2005-03-13 19:55:07
What is the best HD to buy for my Xbox and what is the largest size I can buy too???

#36 - posted by GarGoil (63.188.11*.*)2005-03-19 05:49:49
I really like this site. This helps take some of the guess work out of selecting a replacement drive. Keep up the good work.

#37 - posted by (24.118.3*.*)2005-03-20 21:40:02
Can you help me to decide wether the WD1600jbrtl is same as WD P/N: WD1600JB-oogavo , the model for this one has same number as mentioned above. thanks.

#38 - posted by Estorm (80.178.17*.*)2005-03-23 23:51:43
thanks 2 your site i buy the Samsung drive,
and he work great (so far) so big TNX.

#39 - posted by JayWorm (172.202.22*.*)2005-03-24 20:34:10
wicked site, could you please correct the buffer size for the 200GB HDD i added ?

#40 - posted by (82.157.17*.*)2005-04-01 23:04:59
Hi y´all.
Just wanted to let you know that this site has been very usefull. Does anybody know if the Fujitsu mpg3204at is compatible with the Xbox? A friend of mine want´s to try a new harddisk and I have this one spare. Thanx, Jack

#41 - posted by SMOKECRN4LIFE (67.188.22*.*)2005-05-08 09:09:47
So what do i need to do to fix this STUPID thing???? PLEASE HELP!!!!

#42 - posted by (128.241.4*.*)2005-05-11 05:56:18
Thank you very much for making this site. It was very useful and I based my drive purchase on the info I got here. From the statistics compiled here I chose a WD3000JB as it appears that nobody has had any problems with locking or unlocking these drives. Without this site I would have just been shooting in the dark and may not have made a good decision.

Thanks again, Mark

#43 - posted by (64.58.9*.*)2005-05-20 10:29:46
Do you know where I can find a web site that shows which hard drives are compatable with the xbox.

#44 - posted by Fresh (70.118.8*.*)2005-05-25 08:16:15
This one you jack ass...

#45 - posted by (68.225.10*.*)2005-07-18 07:37:43
Great site and a great resource. Thanks.

#46 - posted by -Gui- (81.241.8*.*)2005-07-28 01:00:21
Good site, helpful

#47 - posted by TEEM!!! (65.10.22*.*)2005-08-04 09:25:54
This site saved my life. IT ROOOOOCCKkKSSSSssssss iloveu

#48 - posted by (67.86.16*.*)2005-09-10 23:33:55
For the xbox version number, if it says one will the drive only work on that version?

#49 - posted by Tommy boy (24.114.6*.*)2005-09-18 18:40:00
i heard that the largest hard drive u can put on an older xbox is the 80 gb drive is that true. if it is which version of xbox is it. i have version 1.1..

#50 - posted by (71.128.13*.*)2005-10-01 05:56:30
Is there any way to get a hold of Gumba, as he has a drive I could really use? I know this isn't a forum, but I would really appreciate your help.

If you still have this wd2000bb-00fta0 I would be interested in buying it or trading you for a 300 gig.

Please let me know as I have the same model which is broken.

Thanks so much,


#51 - posted by WARLOCK2083 (68.191.9*.*)2005-10-10 01:59:30
This guide help out great. Thanx

#52 - posted by ^GalaX^ (81.206.1*.*)2005-11-12 22:41:25
Encouraged by all the posts, bought a very nice HDD. Tnx!!!

#53 - posted by (220.101.15*.*)2005-12-04 11:48:21
In all honesty, I'm impressed by the structure of this site and database, allowing me to search for whichever conditions I want. My hard drive won't lock with ConfigMagic, and I can't find it in the list, so I added it. Easy as pie. Nice work!

#54 - posted by (80.213.21*.*)2005-12-06 03:23:44
Thanks everyone, I appreciate your nice feedbacks :)

#55 - posted by gerwn (62.38.17*.*)2006-01-04 20:42:05
One of the most useful sites in the whole scene. Thank you.

#56 - posted by (84.20.18*.*)2006-01-07 22:03:37
nice site...

so long,


#57 - posted by (68.72.16*.*)2006-01-22 19:41:04
can you helpme please how put hd in xbox i have WD160GB
please help me
thank you

#58 - posted by Clagsniperx2 (84.66.17*.*)2006-02-12 16:54:36
This Is A very usefull resouce when upgrading xboxes

#59 - posted by johnnyrico (217.136.17*.*)2006-02-13 21:46:06
good god, this site has been so damn helpful.

#60 - posted by PIRATA! (85.18.13*.*)2006-04-07 14:09:19
Without this site I would never fiund out if I could use all the harddrivers I used in My XBox! rules!! ;)

EnJoy! ;-)

#61 - posted by JonBOY (134.148.2*.*)2006-04-12 06:56:04
Great site, really helps out. Allows you to buy a desired drive with confidence that it'll actually work ok in your particular box. As far as site suggestions go, I think an option to edit the drive info you've submitted would be good......I left a '0' off a drive model and was unable to rectify it.


#62 - posted by Xenios (213.149.18*.*)2006-05-29 15:49:49
I found this side very usefull keep the good job

#63 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2006-05-29 23:32:51
Well, thank you all for your kind words and suggestions. I've already added some of the ideas.


#64 - posted by finchie (58.169.7*.*)2006-08-29 11:42:09
u shoul edit the chartso that u are able to sort by drives with 16mb caches as well..

#65 - posted by finchie (58.169.7*.*)2006-08-29 11:42:24
u shoul edit the chartso that u are able to sort by drives with 16mb caches as well..

#66 - posted by terence (62.254.6*.*)2006-10-24 17:31:04
not man people buy drives for the cache, because a large cache would still be limited my the ata 33 transfer speeds

#67 - posted by (72.81.23*.*)2006-10-25 15:45:05
Thanks for all this great information. One comment...It would be handy to be able to display all of the pages at once so it could be printed to take with you to the store and check what is on the shelf against the list.

#68 - posted by (72.81.23*.*)2006-10-25 15:45:17
Thanks for all this great information. One comment...It would be handy to be able to display all of the pages at once so it could be printed to take with you to the store and check what is on the shelf against the list.

#69 - posted by DinK (65.242.21*.*)2006-10-27 18:34:49
Thanks a lot for creating and maintaining this site. I never really felt the need for tons of storage in my Xbox. However I had to buy a new drive both because my original was dying and because the old HDs I already had didn't support locking. Now that I've done the swap, the extra storage comes in handy. ;)

The one bit of feedback I'd give is to reconsider how you rank the "most lockable drive." I don't know how you calculate it but it seems it might just be the highest number of reported successful locks. If you look up the drive mentioned there, you will find a lot of successes but also a lot of failures. However there are other drives with dozens of reports and almost 100% success, for instance the ST3120026A that I used. Only 1 person out of 36 reported failure to lock, and they didn't even leave comments as to what their problem was. Compare this again to the drive ranked "most lockable" where several people specifically say theirs didn't support locking and/or ATA security.

#70 - posted by (67.174.4*.*)2006-12-25 03:38:53
Found this page way very usefull! hope you guys traduce this into mexican! looks like this page is going to be an awesome one when people start changing their xbox 360 hard disk, keep it up duuuuuudes!

#71 - posted by DarkSim905 (67.83.8*.*)2007-01-14 06:23:04
Love the feedback and this whole idea in general. has helped a lot. Thanks all. :)

#72 - posted by (74.137.3*.*)2007-02-15 12:38:36
if it wasn't for this site i would not have know what hard drives to use.
the guys that creating deserves some much due credit.

#73 - posted by (74.137.3*.*)2007-02-15 12:38:48
if it wasn't for this site i would not have know what hard drives to use.
the guys that creating deserves some much due credit.

#74 - posted by Iceman-UK (85.211.2*.*)2007-09-02 16:38:28
Thank you very much for taking the time and money to provide this valuable service.

I wish there were more folks like you.

May the Xbox homebrew scene last a long, long time!


#75 - posted by jakass (72.83.8*.*)2007-09-07 20:41:38
just popped mah hemroid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,man it hurts...i cant shit rite

#76 - posted by chargrill (81.99.14*.*)2007-09-23 01:30:31

this is a very helpfull site and could save you a lot of money


i hope my hdd feedback will help people!

#77 - posted by Mosesmick (58.167.19*.*)2007-10-30 06:58:37
Thank guys and girls, helped heaps,

man in the computer shop said no way wont work!!!

but your advice gave me a new 500gig hard drive.

thank you

#78 - posted by thrashnbash (71.233.7*.*)2008-03-14 03:24:01
I hope my drive info will be of some value. I just recently modded my XBOX (soft-mod) in the past 2 months. After scrounging around I have used basically 2 different IDE drives (80GB Seagate & 250GB Maxtor - both listed here). With the desire of wanting a newer, larger drive - with hopes of a performance increase I tested a IDE to SATA converter bridge (roughly $20 after shipping). I am extremly pleased to say it worked without issue on my 250GB SATA II Seagate drive. Excellent stuff. Definitely quicker than the older/IDE drives. I'll be looking to purchase a much larger SATA drive in the immediate future.

Thanks to all who contribute to this site. It is your information that greatly helped me (that and Google) to getting my system to where it is today.

Much appreciated and keep up all the great work.


#79 - posted by dragon788 (173.27.14*.*)2009-05-31 18:45:54
It appears that the sorting for size doesn't take into account the sizes. It simply sorts anything starting with a 1 first, so 123gb shows up before 10gb for some reason???

#80 - posted by (190.69.20*.*)2009-07-29 21:27:30
This great site helped to choose the right one. Right information, no mistakes. Thanks.

#81 - posted by (79.146.12*.*)2009-09-18 14:34:40
This site is awesome, helped me a lot

Thanks for your work!!

#82 - posted by KJ (24.154.20*.*)2010-04-06 08:08:11
Really great site.. Helped me out a lot. Sure glad there is an site like this one.. Packed full of info.. Thanks..

#83 - posted by KJ (24.154.20*.*)2010-04-06 08:08:21
Really great site.. Helped me out a lot. Sure glad there is an site like this one.. Packed full of info.. Thanks..

#84 - posted by (174.126.0*.*)2010-07-03 07:03:53
Great Job, Great Site - If it weren't for your work, I would still be trying to lock my WD800BB-22JHCO. Instead I gave that up and used your site (while I was in Best Buy) to shop for a new one. Thanks

#85 - posted by DinohScene (77.167.15*.*)2010-12-01 16:18:55
Great database.
Keep up the good work ;]

#86 - posted by Dave (174.115.20*.*)2011-01-21 20:21:01
Its so good to have people like you still providing this service! i know xbox modding is getting a bit old, but i still do them up for XBMC and being able to check compatibility of replacement hdds on the fly is so good!

you rock!

#87 - posted by emsef (213.120.5*.*)2011-06-17 03:32:55
Thanks for this site. I too used it to give up on a WD800BB-22JHC0 and bought a Samsung SP0802N instead. Thanks for keeping this database online!

#88 - posted by (65.91.11*.*)2011-07-16 02:59:27
This site has the best drive chart around ,got my compatible 320gb wd could not have done it without your help
Much Thanks

#89 - posted by knickabob (208.54.6*.*)2012-05-29 09:37:30
amazing site! it's freaking awesome that there's a database so thorough like this still! the only thing i would probably add to it would be the ability to sort ide vs. sata. since ide hard drives are being discontinued everywhere, the knowledge of what sata hd's is becoming most crucial. as simple as this site is to navigate, it made customizing xbox systems seamless. THANKS!!!!!1!!!

#90 - posted by wucubilehdul (85.247.15*.*)2012-12-29 18:34:14
allowed me to choose a good hdd.

#91 - posted by (70.190.5*.*)2013-01-28 00:24:10
i like an unleashx

#92 - posted by (66.189.9*.*)2013-02-06 02:31:19
What would be REALLY cool would be the capability to download the entire list into a spreadsheet, either as comma separated values or tab separated values. Then I could use a spreadsheet to determine easily which drives in my vast collection are lockable.

But way cool to have this info available for XBox folk. Thank you... Ben

#93 - posted by ShiftySSM7 (188.221.6*.*)2013-11-21 15:02:32
Great site,has helped me many a time in finding new harddrive's for my xbox's - thanks for keeping this info online :)

#94 - posted by (65.93.4*.*)2014-03-10 05:31:03
Add interface for hard drives... IE: "Drive type: IDE/SATA/Unknown".. make all previously submitted drives as Unknown.

#95 - posted by (82.106.6*.*)2014-07-18 00:00:39
This site is awesome. I had to contribute by posting my results (and it worked!) Thanks a lot, please never close this site: there are still a lot of Xbox out there, waiting to be tamed!

#96 - posted by (58.178.24*.*)2016-01-05 18:05:55
Didnt find it helpful at all no info on any other HDD besides Western Digital. There are heaps of HDDs out there that run alot better than WD in my opinion Hitachiis alot better than WD to use.

#97 - posted by (174.104.25*.*)2017-03-12 16:04:26
I use the Xbox Hard Drive Compatibility Chart, like the (Bible) for Xbox hard drives. So easy to navigate and understand!

#98 - posted by (177.19.23*.*)2019-12-03 02:35:51

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