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Hard drive profile

Date added: 2003-04-03 Posted by: AlphaWolf
Brand: IBM Firmware: N/A
Model number: IC35L060AVVA07-0 Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: Deskstar 120GXP Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 61.49 GB RPM: 7200
XBOX version: Unk. Progam(s): ConfigMagic

Model Serie picture (not exact model)
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I didn't try locking with a PC (why do that when doing it from the xbox is easier? They realy should update the hard disk locking tutorial page.)


#1 - posted by mememe (203.153.24*.*)1970-01-01 01:00:00
I had to set it to cable select, but it worked great for me

#2 - posted by maverick (62.253.12*.*)2005-10-30 19:47:38
i used this drive and found that it wouldn't allow me to run many games on the xbox. refused to load certain games from both disc and hard drive

#3 - posted by (193.173.19*.*)2006-02-13 15:32:01
I used this drive too and just like maverick, I had problems with loading several games too.

#4 - posted by (146.155.6*.*)2014-01-06 06:35:37
it has really big aninyong deadzones. You can get used to it though in a easy fps like cod since it's heavy with aim assist but games with no aim assist(Killzone 2,3 and more) are hard to play. Also in some twin stick shooters like Dead Nation the stick will be all over the place. I've gotten used to it but I'm going to buy another dualshock 3 because this controller is just meh. It works ok for other genres though. Just don't rely on this controller for fighting games or fps.

#5 - posted by (195.37.17*.*)2014-01-07 20:50:18
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#6 - posted by (211.110.14*.*)2014-03-06 13:48:58
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