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Date added: 2003-02-11 Posted by: sith
Brand: Western Digital Firmware: N/A
Model number: WD800BB Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: Caviar Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 80 GB RPM: 7200
XBOX version: Unk. Progam(s): N/A

Model picture (exact model)
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Lockable (some have had problems locking this drive, i'm not sure why but it is in my box right now locked so use your discression


#1 - posted by (142.59.13*.*)2005-06-01 00:41:41
I tired locking this HDD with Config Magic Final, but it wont lock.....This HDD wont lock.....If somebody has locked this HDD then please tell us how you did it...

#2 - posted by (68.160.24*.*)2006-01-27 21:25:08
Tried locking this HDD with Slayer 2.6, it won\'t lock.

#3 - posted by (81.171.1*.*)2006-03-01 17:46:26
Same for me, cant lock it.

Neither with avalaunch or any other programs

#4 - posted by J (65.49.18*.*)2006-04-14 22:37:13
I managed to lock the HDD with xbox HD maker and Recovery tool (xboxhdm 1.9)

Everything is working fine for me

#5 - posted by (88.107.9*.*)2006-06-15 22:39:18
I have this exact WD 80gb drive I just removed from my desktop the other week. I've just tried to lock it using xboxhdm but it won't lock and tells me the drive does not support security. I had already confirmed this using Liveinfo.exe while it was still installed in my pc. I am also using the newest version of xboxhdm. NOT LOCKABLE PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

#6 - posted by (24.223.16*.*)2006-11-11 18:09:19
boot the pc with the power attached to the hdd then after xbhd loads attach the ide cabel some bios's disable the locking feature

#7 - posted by Andrew (203.59.1*.*)2007-01-28 11:26:01
Not lockable here - using xboxhdm 1.9 - message as above - will not support security.
Don't think plugging it in after booting would help, as I don't hink it is the BIOS.
Plugged a Samsung in and it locked it no trouble at all.

#8 - posted by (77.182.10*.*)2008-07-21 21:50:11
My WD 800BB HDD locked it wants password but i don´t know which.Can you say me the Password to unlocked my 80 GByte HDD.thank you

#9 - posted by loldongs (69.3.20*.*)2008-11-24 06:09:41
im having troubles locking this drive too! nothing seems to work

#8 obvious troll GTFO

#10 - posted by nash (87.75.14*.*)2009-07-07 20:18:01
i'm also having problems with this hd. PLEASE NOTE : I GOT WD800BB and WD800. the WD800 works and locks ok but the WD800BB doesn't.

#11 - posted by (184.57.15*.*)2010-10-11 06:59:59
I have this exact model#, pulled it out of an old tivo. Xbox used xboxhdm 1.9 to format it and lock it, and it works great (xbox hard drive maker)

#12 - posted by (70.68.13*.*)2010-12-14 02:54:11
I used XboxHDM 1.9 to lock this drive and it worked beautifully on my 1.6b xbox.

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#14 - posted by (208.76.6*.*)2014-01-07 06:19:28
I build my own rigs, and I always use <a href="">quialty</a> components. Lately, despite buying burners from well-regarded manufacturers, they have consistently died after 2-3 years of medium use. I stumbled across this unit after my 3 year old Asus drive just died, and decided to take a gamble on it based upon the reviews. Although I've never heard of GearHead, the drive seems to be well made, and it's performance is pretty good. Only time will tell if it will actually last any longer than the others, but so far this looks like a good buy.

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#16 - posted by mick 1982 (192.168.22*.*)2017-05-12 16:10:54
ive just received this drive and it aint locking for the lfe of it mate..

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