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Date added: 2003-09-01 Posted by: rkat
Brand: Samsung Firmware: N/A
Model number: SP0802N Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: SpinPoint P80 Buffersize: 2 MB
Drive size: 80 GB RPM: 7200
XBOX version: Unk. Progam(s): UnlockX

Model Serie picture (not exact model)
Additional notes: Report this entry - Edit
I used an unmodded xbox, installed (using hdd swap) Linux first and got the hdd-password. Also installed one of these "standard" xbox hack dashboards (after restoring the original xbox-hdd content, again using hdd swap) and created the "backup", which gave me the exact same hdd-password. Connected the xbox-hdd again to a pc. "UnlockX" told me the xbox-hdd was lockable/locked (no surprise). Unlocking with the obtained password worked. Then locked it again. It still works in the xbox as intended, so everything is ok. I duplicted the content of the original xbox-hdd image to the SP0802N hdd and run UnlockX. It told me this drive was not lockable. Using atapwd I set a master-password (just in case something went wrong to be able to get rid of the user-password and the content of the samsung-hdd, highly recommended!). Back to UnlockX, which again told me the samsung-hdd was not lockable. Anyway, I set the obtained password (using UnlockX). Atapwd recognized the user-password was set. After a reboot the drive was locked (as expected.) I could unlock it again with UnlockX (which told me the drive was unlockable). Then I locked it again and replaced the xbox-hdd with this locked samsung-hdd. Unfortunatley the xbox seemed to agree with UnlockX and did not accept this harddisk. (Showed the error very early after switching on the xbox, which - as far as I remember - indeed means hdd could not be unlocked.) I tried this procedure a few times more, locking the samsung drive with hddlock, too, but never had any success making the samsung-hdd work in the xbox.
After reading about config-magic, I'm tempted to try this, too (have to get it first). However since UnlockX seemes to be right about the "hdd is not lockable", I asume it's right.
So it's interesting to see, that a hdd can be locked but it still lacks a feature that tells that it really does support locking (which prevents it's use in the xbox).
Haven't checked the complete ata-reference again for a possible reason of this (and could not find the source code for UnlockX, which could give a hint why it recoginzes a hdd as unlackable.)

I'ld love to read what you think about this.


#1 - posted by (81.208.6*.*)2004-07-06 12:39:18
I have also a Samsung 80GB SP0802N I have tried to run the soft unlockx 2.0 and.. no success: the software tell me that is not lockable.... any solution ? maybe we can change the firmware of the HD.. what do you think ?

#2 - posted by (64.110.25*.*)2004-12-01 17:55:47

Yes this is true, have the same drive, I have the full manual for this drive if you need it. I'm trying to learn a little more about this drive because I have locked it and I must have made a typo in the pwd because I can't unlock successfully yet. I'm trying to figure out what pin(s) to short to reset the drive to the mfg defaults.

Any ideas?

#3 - posted by ivc (212.125.22*.*)2005-11-18 01:59:31
If you have the money, you can buy a online license and unlock the drive. This company have found a way to force unlock drives that otherwise would be just a brick. Link:

#4 - posted by rcd (216.130.23*.*)2007-06-07 19:28:23
Not everyone has the money to pay 'extra' just to unlock thier drive. I wouldnt both with that when thier is programs for the xp that does it for you.

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