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Date added: 2011-08-28 Posted by: Tester
Brand: Western Digital Firmware: N/A
Model number: WD10EAVS Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: WD Caviar Green Buffersize: 16 MB
Drive size: 1000 GB RPM: 5400
XBOX version: v1.4 Progam(s): AID v4.52

Additional notes: Report this entry - Edit
This drive works fine. No install or copy issues, no DVD read issues (copy issues and corrupted files on WD1000FYPS and WD2500YD; see the posts)
I don't test the locking.

Partition: F: (~460GB) an g: (~460GB) formatted with 32K cluster with xbpartitionier v1.1 and formated again with AID (Format Large HDD)
ATA/IDE Adapter: Digitus DS-33151 (, jumper not set, fits well in Xbox.

Following HDDs works fine in same Xbox with same SATA/IDE adapter and same install/copy method: ST3250823AS (250GB) and ST3500641NS (500GB)


#1 - posted by Tester (88.152.12*.*)2011-08-30 19:06:52
After copying of 400GB to F. (over ~290 000 files) it runs into error. Older Data was overwriten or deleted. I think it was caused from 32K Clusters for F:/G:. I copied the same Data to a 500 GB Seagate ST3500641NS HDD, devided to ~230GB f: and G: with 16K clusters and it works fine. No corrupted or deleted Data. I do not test the 500GB ST HDD with only F: partition and 32K clusters.

I hope somebody have a solution for the problem with a 1 TB drive.

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