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Date added: 2003-12-19 Posted by:
Brand: Quantum Firmware: N/A
Model number: QML20000LD-A Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: Fireball Lct20 Buffersize: 0.5 MB
Drive size: 20 GB RPM: 4500
XBOX version: v1.0 Progam(s): Configmagic, hdlock

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Drive is rather noisey


#1 - posted by (200.162.20*.*)2005-03-02 00:52:28
hi, i need help... i canīt install a quantum qml20000ld-a in my xbox.. give me a step by step to do this.

When i turn on my xbox appears to me an error 16.


#2 - posted by (195.167.11*.*)2005-06-05 21:43:18
hi, i need help... i can´t install a quantum qml20000ld-a in my xbox.. give me a step by step to do this.

When i turn on my xbox appears to me an error 16.


This is a dashboard error...
i dont think that's a disk fault...

#3 - posted by (172.201.13*.*)2006-04-05 19:04:21
its a time error on your dashboard. im having same probs but blew up original x--box h/d while loading data to new 300gb h/d and left work unfinished for more than a few hours (25hr later) my chip has no time so error 16 is for me. i need a way to over come this.

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#6 - posted by (84.28.5*.*)2014-01-25 05:16:29
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