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Date added: 2003-12-04 Posted by: epicant
Brand: Western Digital Firmware: N/A
Model number: WD1200JB Manufacture date: N/A
Model name / serie: Caviar Buffersize: 8 MB
Drive size: 120 GB RPM: 7200
XBOX version: v1.0 Progam(s): ConfigMagic

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i think the only reason anyone had trouble with it is they didnt do it with config magic final. my cuzin bought this same on in MI and his locked perfect to. with a v1.0 xbox. i did with v1.1 and his bro did it with v1.2. so i say its completley lockable.


#1 - posted by undertow (24.208.1.*)1970-01-01 01:00:00
Look, this is BS. Admittedly, there must be some WD 1200JB's that will lock. I have 2 of them, one from Oct 2002 and one from Dec 2003, neither one of them would lock. ConfigMagic sees that right off, but I still did it the long way and hung them BOTH (one at a time) as the single drive in a PC and used ATAPWD. ATAPWD sees both drives as "not capable of translating security features." Just like WD doesn't do S.M.A.R.T. These are industry-standard features! Go try to FIND another drive mfr. who makes drives without SMART and Security Commands! You won't!

I used to be a big WD fan, but no more. They were the 1st to do 8MB caches, they were the first to do 3 year warranty. Now everyone has these same specs, including the 3 year warranty, but they'll do S.M.A.R.T. and security translation. Bottom line? WD has gone to crap. Who WOULDN'T want a SMART-capable drive? Engineers too lazy to improve on 3 year-old technology, that's who.

#2 - posted by undertow (24.208.1.*)1970-01-01 01:00:00
Whoo, sorry about that rant. If you didn't understand any of it, my STERN advice is AVOID THIS DRIVE FOR UPGRADING YOUR XBOX!!! If you're a jerk, and you want to ignore me anyway, do yourself a favor and spend an extra $5 to buy from a dealer who will take a return. It might work, millions of people gamble every day.

#3 - posted by Ersan (169.139.1.*)2004-10-01 15:03:25
You just double-posted that... stop ranting.

It's probably NOT the manufactuer's fault, try using HDLock.

XBox software is shady and beta at best, stop blaming the manufacturer for not making a drive do something it doesn't need to do.

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